Why Us

Why Should You Choose Us?

Need some reasons to look closer at our program? Try these on for size:

1. Longevity: We’ve been at this for 19 years, and done quite well

2. In fact, we’ve flipped more than a thousand homes over those years.

3. Along the way, we’ve perfected a system, created strategies, and amassed tools that hold up well in all sorts of economic climates.

4. In short, what we have to offer works.

Finding general knowledge isn’t difficult; you can spend all day reading blogs and watching cut infomercials. You might even learn a thing or two. What you won’t get is the deeper knowledge that goes beyond the basics. You need depth in order to launch and operate a successful real estate investing business.

With us, you get a franchise that’s intentionally set up to supply franchise owners with the deep knowledge, tools, and strategies they need to be successful. Nothing is left out. Our program covers training, coaching, marketing, systems and more. Wonder about things like keeping the books in order, promotional materials, or hiring contractors? We cover those too.

With us, you get ALL of the resources and information needed to launch your business and move toward profitability without any delays.

Look around all you like; there isn’t another program that goes into the breadth and depth that you receive with a RED BaRN Homebuyers franchise. Value, hands-on support, and resources to draw on are all there. All you have to do is put them to good use.

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Red Barn Homebuyers

"No Point in Trying to Figure It All About by Yourself!"

Real life isn't what you see on TV. When it comes to business, there's a lot more. That's as true with real estate investing as it is with most other business models. You need access to facts, strategies, tools, and support. None of that comes when you're trying to figure it all out alone. 

We have what's needed to shorten the learning curve, help you separate myth from fact, and grow your skill set. Along the way, you avoid trial and error, save thousands of dollars, and position yourself for success by utilizing Ken and Anita's proven system for making the most of real estate investments. 


"Property Marketing Resources That Help You Hit the Ground Running"

- Daily generation of fresh motivated seller leads


“Client Relationship Management Ideal For Your Business Model"

- CRM that's fully automated and designed for lead, prospect and client tracking, up to and including task management. 
- Property assessment tools for generating estimates and calculating returns over expenses 


"Training Before and From Now On"

- Pre-launch training that ensures you're ready to get the business up and running
- Ongoing weekly training calls that keep you motivated, n the loop on new ideas, and in general help you move toward greater success


"Avenues for Capital to Fuel Your Real Estate Investment Efforts"

- Comprehensive lending program geared toward the needs of franchisees


“A Strong National Network to Aid in Locating Contractors and Materials"

- Access to qualified network of suppliers who have the discounted building materials needed

- Resources pointing toward contractors who aid in restoration of older homes

In short, What know how to be successful in this industry