Why Us

Why Us?

It’s simple really, we’ve been doing this for 17 years. We’ve flipped over 1000 homes. Our team has put in the time and resources to build a successful real estate investing business. Our systems, our tools, our strategies are battle tested and proven to work. 

You can read blogs and watch infomercials all day long, but general knowledge does NOT equip you to set up and run a successful real estate investing business. 

Our franchise is uniquely designed to provide our franchise owners with everything they need to be successful. From marketing, to systems, to training, to coaching …. Even bookkeeping, materials and contractors …. We make sure you have ALL the tools you could possibly need to get your business off the ground. 

You simply won’t find another program out there with the amount of hands-on support and value that you get from a Red Barn Homebuyers franchise. 

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Red Barn Homebuyers

“Don’t Try to Figure it Out Alone!”

So many “would-be” investors try to go it alone without the right education, knowledge, and resources… and quickly find out that real estate investing is harder than it looks on TV. Cut the learning curve dramatically and save yourself thousands of dollars and years of “figuring it out” by plugging into Ken and Anita’s proven system for investing in real estate.


“Done-For-You” Marketing for Properties

- New Motivated Seller Leads generated daily


“Proprietary CRM for Managing Your Business”

- Fully Automated CRM for Managing Leads and Deals
- Calculators and Estimating Programs for Assessing Properties


“Extensive and Ongoing Training”

- Thorough Training Program to ensure franchisee Success
- Live weekly training calls to stay sharp and up to date


“Access to Funding for Flips and Rentals”

- Lending program specific to franchisees


“Nationwide Network for Materials and Contractors”

- A nationwide network of discounted building materials and contractor resources