Unveiling the Heartbeats of Real Estate:

Franchise Owners Speak Out!

NOV 13, 2023 by KEN CORSINI

Today, we invite you to embark on a captivating journey of real estate entrepreneurship.


What you are reading is more than a mere compilation of words; it’s an invitation to the minds and hearts of the visionary men and women who have chosen to script their own narratives. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur seeking the thrill of autonomy or a seasoned investor yearning for a new venture, these Red Barn Homebuyers Franchise testimonials are a treasure trove of insights, pitfalls, and soaring successes.

Colin and Christina Beck

Christina:  Hi, we are Colin and Christina Beck, winners of the HGTV Flipping Showdown.

Colin:  As a result of that win, one of the things that we got, was a Red Barn Homebuyers franchise. So, technically we are the first Red Barn Homebuyers franchisees.

Christina:  The Red Barn Homebuyers franchise has given us access to leads that we never had before. And we are actually on pace to close 9 or 10 flips this year.

Colin:  If you’re getting started out in real estate, one of the hardest things to do is find houses and have quality off market deals right in front of you. And not only the deals, but the resources and training to be able to lock those deals up. I mean, that puts you so far ahead of the competition, and I can’t imagine a better way to get into real estate investing and specifically house flipping then with Red Barn Homebuyers.


Christina:  It’s true. Something we are really passionate about is the ability to serve the people that we are purchasing homes from and then turn around and serve homebuyers that are buying those with a quality flip. Red Barn is allowing that to happen for us.

Tracey Cooper
“I was in the corporate world for 20 years, doing the normal grind, getting in early, staying late. Not seeing my family as much as I wanted. After 20 years, I’d pretty much had enough and was ready to make a change. I sold my ownership in the company I was working at and started looking for other options. That is when I ran into Red Barn Homebuyers.

As far as implementing their program, it was easy. It’s pretty straightforward. There was a good group of folks that we worked with that, you know,  gave us direction. It’s about implementation and consistency. The Red Barn Homebuyers team did a really good job. They gave us all the information, but at the end of the day, it was up to us to ultimately do the work and get it done.

For the most part, I primarily work by myself, and I’m doing about three deals a month.

Last October, we lined up seven deals. It was a huge October. But probably the biggest deal of that was a $24k deal. We got the house under contract with the seller for $76k. We went out and looked at the house, got it under contract, and sent it out to a few buyers. I had it under contract two days later and we closed five days after that. The whole process, from talking to the lady on the phone for the first time, to closing and walking away with the $24k check was only 8 or 9 days.

My goal when I started was to spend at least a year learning the business and getting to know every part of it. When I’m ready to scale up and hire, I will have the knowledge and experience  show people how to do it the right way.

Buying my Red Barn Homebuyers Franchise was the best decision I made. It has completely changed my life. I set my own schedule now and work from home. Sometimes I just think back, like, this is kind of crazy! I can’t believe I see my kids all the time now. If you’re on the fence and you’re willing to put in the work and be coachable, I would say absolutely do it. Ken and his team did a great job. To this day, I still talk to him to bounce ideas off and run deals by him. Thank you, Red Barn.”

Malcolm and Victoria

Malcom:  Hello. We’re the Bentley’s. My name is Malcolm.

Victoria:  And my name is Victoria. Before I had Red Barn, I was the training and curriculum specialist for early childhood development.

Malcom:  I am currently serving in the military.

Victoria:  One thing that I enjoy about Red Barn is the constant communication with the entire franchise. Anytime I have a question, there is someone there that I can text, someone I can call, I am comfortable, and 100% believe in this process.

Malcom:  What I really enjoyed about the experience is that they’re very family oriented. Ever since the day that we came on to this partnership, they don’t pick candidates just because you might have the best record. They sit down and take the time to really get to know you. They’re very knowledgeable, and they really poured a lot into us up into this point. We’re really thankful for the Red Barn community and being a part of it, and we can’t wait to see where this takes us.

Victoria: Thank you!

Each of these testimonies is a testament to the power of forging one’s path, of carving a niche in an ever-evolving industry. They are living embodiments of the fact that success is not solely measured in numbers, but in the lives touched, communities enriched, and the legacies created. These franchise owners have not merely built businesses; they’ve become architects of change.

So, to you, the prospective real-estate franchise owner poised at the precipice of possibility, remember that within these narratives lie the echoes of your own potential. Just as they dared to dream, to act, and to thrive, so can you!

As you step forward, may your story join the list of Red Barn HomeBuyers real estate franchising successes.