Tools & Resources

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform

Red Barn Central is a comprehensive CRM platform created in house to run your real estate investment business. This system tracks the properties from prospect to closing the deal. RB Central will keep all your real estate investment needs organized in one spot and include everything from email campaigns, construction estimating, and calculators with built in formulas to ensure you are making the best decisions for each deal.

Marketing and Lead Acquisition

We customize and execute a specific plan for you in your territory every month. Rather than having to guess at where and how to invest marketing dollars, we become your in-house marketing department and do this on your behalf every month! We know that they only way to be successful in this business is effective marketing and sales efforts and so we’ve invested a ton of our time and resources making sure you’re generating qualified leads and that you’re fully equipped to capitalize on them.


Financing is obviously a tremendous resource when it comes to flipping houses. As such, partnered with Red Capital Lending – a hard money lender – to make sure we have hard money lending programs to fit your needs. In addition to this, we have relationships with other lenders around the country AND give you customized training on raising your own private capital as well!

Property Research and Comps Platform

We provide our franchise owners with access to a comprehensive property data platform. Using this powerful tool will enable you to run comps, explore property background, and empower you with the information you need to differentiate between a deal and a disaster.

Construction and Renovation Support

Not only do we plug you into a nationwide database of potential GC’s … we also make our very own in-house experts in construction and renovation available to our franchise owners to utilize for consultations or a second opinion. We are able to provide support over the phone, via zoom, or on site as needed.