The Duo Behind Red Barn Homebuyers Franchise:
Meet Ken & Anita

JUN 30, 2023 by PAUL MARVEL 

Ken and Anita Corsini, the founders of Red Barn Homes, LLC and Red Barn Homebuyers Franchise, have a unique story behind the name of their business.

Over the years, their ventures have gone through different names and identities as they expanded into related industries. However, they realized the importance of consolidating their branding under a recognizable and common name.

The journey began when Ken and Anita purchased their first house right after college in 2000, during Atlanta’s real estate boom. Their modest income didn’t deter them from buying a small new construction home in a suburban area. Just two years later, with a desire to build their own home, they took a leap of faith and bought two acres of land with a construction loan. Despite their limited experience and resources, they worked tirelessly to build their dream house, learning various aspects of homebuilding along the way. Their efforts paid off as they created their own piece of heaven, complete with a red barn and some chickens.

A chance encounter with their friendly neighbor, Marlin, who had a large barn on his property, sparked Ken’s interest in acquiring the barn for use as a home office. Though initially just a passing comment, Ken’s persistence over time softened Marlin’s stance, especially as the economy took a downturn. Eventually, they reached an agreement, and the barn became their new office. With the addition of necessary infrastructure and finishing touches, the barn transformed into a vibrant workspace, serving as the catalyst for their flourishing real estate business.

In 2011, as their business continued to expand, the red barn could no longer accommodate their needs. They sold the house and barn, along with their goats, and relocated to a new space nearby. However, the red barn remains a symbol of their humble beginnings and serves as a reminder of their hard work and perseverance.

Given their extensive experience and complementary skills, Ken and Anita have successfully bought and sold over 800 houses in Metro Atlanta since starting their business in 2005. Ken’s expertise in construction and business, combined with Anita’s real estate skills and design acumen, make them an ideal team for transforming homes, whether through cosmetic makeovers or extensive renovations.

Ken graduated from the University of Georgia in 1999 with a Business degree in Risk Management. After spending time in the corporate world, his passion for real estate and entrepreneurial spirit drove him to establish the family business. He later obtained a Masters degree in Building Construction from Georgia Tech in 2009 and acquired a general contractor’s license, enabling the company to venture into new construction opportunities. Ken has shared his knowledge and experiences by speaking at real estate investor associations (REIA) nationwide, writing articles for reputable real estate platforms, and hosting a popular podcast called The Deal Farm.

Anita, in addition to being Ken’s wife and a mother to their three children, plays a vital role in the business. With a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Georgia and a Masters degree in Mathematics education from Georgia State University, she transitioned from an educator to a real estate professional when Ken embarked on their entrepreneurial journey. Anita obtained her Real Estate license in 2007, allowing her to contribute to the company while balancing her family commitments. Her passion lies in transforming any home into a beautiful and inviting space, going above and beyond to create a place someone can truly love.

Ken and Anita have gained immense recognition for their prominent appearances on the television series “Flip or Flop Atlanta” and their recent venture, “Flipping Showdown“. Throughout their journey, they have successfully established various enterprises, including a reputable real estate brokerage, a thriving mortgage company, a flourishing new home construction business, and now, the franchise of Red Barn Homebuyers.

Their remarkable achievements have not gone unnoticed, as they have been showcased in numerous esteemed platforms, such as HGTV and HGTV Magazine. Moreover, they have garnered significant attention from prominent media outlets including The Today Show, People Magazine, The LA TimesThink Realty Magazine (where they even graced the cover), TV Insider, In Touch Weekly, Life and Style Magazine, The Wrap, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, UGA Today, US Chamber of Commerce, Pop Sugar, Entertainment Magazine, and several noteworthy local publications.