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Red Barn Homebuyers Franchisee, Ray Franz needs to decide whether to flip or rent this house!

Red Barn Homebuyers Franchisee, Ray Franz, shows off his recent flip in Bristol, CT!

200 Year Old House Flip in Newburyport, CT with Red Barn Homebuyers

Murphys Second Deal

Interview with Cole Phillips – Red Barn Homebuyers Franchisee

Ken Corsini Checks Out Michael Slockers, a Red Barn Homebuyers Franchisee, Newest Property

Interview with Jason and Jessica Park – Red Barn Homebuyers Franchisees

Listen to our franchisee review their “Flip of the Year” in their city!

Interview with Michael Slockers – New Red Barn Homebuyers Franchisee

From a Lead to a Wholesale in Five Weeks!

Interview with Ann Smith – Red Barn Homebuyers Franchisee

Should this be a rental or should they sell it?

How a lead at the start of his franchise became an incredible deal 6 months later!

Check Out this ROI on a Wholetail Property!


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