The great thing about real estate is there are so many different ways to make money. You can buy, fix and flip a property (which is what most people are used to seeing on TV). However, you can also wholesale houses which doesn’t require purchasing the property. You can also buy properties for the purpose of renting and building wealth. We will teach you all of these strategies.

No problem. Our training program is designed to give you the foundation you need to learn the basics of real estate and then build on that knowledge to become a successful real estate investor.

Even better! We have had a lot of real estate professionals apply for a franchise because they still prefer to plug into a proven system for acquiring and profiting from off market properties.

The short answer is – it depends. We have multiple levels with different perks and royalties associated with those levels. Also, in our first year of business, we are offering charter members a discounted rate. I can tell you that compared to other franchise opportunities, the cost of owning a Red Barn Homebuyers franchise is extremely competitive.
Schedule a call today and we’ll go through all the details with you.

No problem. We have multiple resources to help get you up to speed and guide you through the process. We will plug you in to local resources for general contracting and we will also support you through our own contractor hotline.

Absolutely! Most of the training is actually done by Ken and they are very hands on with our franchisees.

As a new Red Barn Homebuyers franchisee, you are actually assigned a coach who is a seasoned real estate professional who knows the business. They will be available to answer questions and walk you through your first batch of transactions… at least until you get up fully up to speed and are comfortable transacting business

We understand that some folks don’t want to necessarily take on the risk and responsibility of buying properties … but still want to profit from real estate. No problem! We teach you how to wholesale properties as well! In fact, some of the most successful real estate investing professionals flip very few houses and concentrate most of their energy on profiting from wholesale opportunities.

No – you do not need to have a real estate license to build a Red Barn Homebuyers business. That said, if you have one, no problem, it can definitely be handy.

We don’t necessarily get involved in the specifics when it comes to finding your own contractors, but we plug our franchisees into local networks where they can interview and hire contractors.

Great! More properties to buy at a discounted price! That’s the beautiful thing about real estate investing, there are opportunities in any market cycle to profit from real estate investing.

We provide the marketing and the lead generation for our franchisees. It is the responsibility of the franchisee to work with these leads, obtain contracts and ultimately purchase investment properties.

Yes, we have a preferred lending partner that we work with – but we also teach our franchisees how to obtain other sources of financing as well.