What types of real estate investment are available?

Real estate investment offers various opportunities for generating income. Some popular options include buying and renovating properties for resale (also known as ″flipping″), wholesaling properties without owning them, and acquiring rental properties for passive income. These strategies, and more, can be learned through proper education and guidance. Our professional team of experienced investors will teach you these strategies. 

What is the cost of owning a franchise?

If you have limited knowledge of real estate, that's not a concern. Our training program has been created to provide you with a strong foundation in real estate fundamentals and gradually develop your understanding to help you become a successful investor. Whether you're a beginner or have some prior experience, our program will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your investment goals.

What if I have prior real estate experience?

Your past/current experience actually works to your advantage with our program. Our comprehensive franchise program has attracted many real estate professionals who seek to leverage our proven system for finding and capitalizing on off-market properties. With our training and support, you can add another valuable tool to your arsenal and take your real estate career to the next level.

How much does it cost to purchase a franchise?

Compared to most franchise opportunities, our initial franchise fee is relatively low ... plus, a new franchisee does not have the typical expense associated with opening up a traditional brick and mortar store. You can find more information about your investment on our Investment page. In addition, we offer discounts for former and current military personnel. We recommend scheduling a call with us to a detailed explanation of the costs involved in owning a franchise. Again, compared to other franchise opportunities, the cost of a Red Barn Homebuyers franchise is very competitive.

What if I lack knowledge in home renovation?

Not having prior experience in home renovation is not an issue. Our franchise offers various resources to assist you in gaining the necessary knowledge and skills. We connect you with local contractors and designers ...  and can also provide additional support through our contractor hotline. With these resources, you can gain the confidence and expertise needed to successfully renovate homes.

Are Ken and Anita involved in the franchise program?

Yes, they are very much involved in the franchise program. Ken is a major contributor to the training and provides hands-on support to our franchisees. Our franchise program is designed to ensure that you receive personal and direct involvement from the Corsinis.

What if I require assistance for my franchise?

If you need help with your franchise business, support is available. Upon becoming a franchisee of Red Barn Homebuyers, you are assigned a coach who is an experienced real estate professional. Your coach is available to answer your questions and guide you through the initial transactions until you are fully confident and comfortable with the business. With this support, you will have the resources you need to succeed in your franchise.

What if I don't want to own properties?

If you prefer not to own properties but still want to profit from real estate, our franchise program provides alternatives. We offer training on how to wholesale properties, which involves selling properties you don't own. In fact, many successful real estate investors concentrate their efforts on wholesale opportunities and limit the number of properties they own. Our franchise program caters to a variety of investment preferences and provides options to meet your goals.

Do I need to have a real estate license?

No – you do not need to have a real estate license to build a Red Barn Homebuyers business. That said, if you have one, no problem, it can definitely be handy.

Do you help with finding contractors?

Our franchise program does not directly assist you with selecting contractors, however, we do provide you with access to local networks where you can connect and hire contractors. This way, you are able to interview contractors and make informed decisions to find the right fit for your needs.

What happens during a declining real estate market?

In a declining real estate market, there is potential for greater profits as more properties become available at a lower price. This presents opportunities for real estate investing regardless of market conditions. Real estate investing is flexible and can be successful in various market cycles, making it a potentially profitable venture.

Is support provided in finding properties to invest in?

Our franchise program provides marketing and lead generation for you, but it is your responsibility to follow up with these leads and secure contracts for investment properties. You make the final decision on which properties to purchase.

Is assistance available with obtaining financing for investment deals?

Yes, Red Barn Homebuyers has a preferred lending partner, and we also provide training on how to access and secure your own alternative sources of financing.