On-Demand Training, Live Professional Coaching,
and Ongoing Member Support

Red Barn Homebuyers provides you with an On-Demand Training Program combined with Live Professional Coaching to help you build and grow your business. Our comprehensive Training Program is based on almost two decades of proven experience and provides you with the essential knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to succeed. In addition, every Member is assigned a Professional Coach who is a seasoned real estate pro who can answer your real time questions and support you through every deal and transaction.

As a new member you are assigned:


Professional Coach:

This is an active real estate investor who is there to support and mentor you through every negotiation and deal. Whether you need support determining the best investment strategy, structuring financing, or working to close a deal, your Coach is there by your side to ensure you are successful.


Marketing Support:

We assign a marketing professional to work with you on developing a customized marketing strategy for generating leads in your territory. Our team manages every aspect of your marketing campaigns to ensure you maximize your ad spend each month. Our ongoing marketing support allows you to update and evolve your strategy to adapt to the changing economy and housing market in your area.


Accounts Representative:

Every member has an Accounts Representative to help you maximize all the benefits available to Red Barn Homebuyers. Whether you are saving money on building supplies through our national buying program, lining up financing for a deal, or finding a General Contractor to complete the work - your account Representative is there to help you leverage all the resources that Red Barn Homebuyers has available to you. 

On Demand Training Program

Our On Demand Training Program is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This allows you to learn at your own pace and review materials whenever needed. Additionally, you can train new members to your team at no additional cost. Our extensive resource library is designed specifically to provide all the tools you need to grow your business.


Proven Systems: We teach you our proven systems so you can operate your business from day one with confidence.

  • Setting up Your Business Systems
  • Converting Leads into Deals
  • Structuring Deals to Maximize Profits
  • Building a Network of Cash Buyers
  • Developing Campaigns That Keep Your Business Top of Mind
  • Leveraging Your Website for Market Success
  • Using RB Calculators to Evaluate Deal Terms
  • Calculating Realistic Estimates to Inform Offers
  • Determining Accurate Comps
  • Building Your Team
  • Setting Up an Office to Maximize Efficiency 

REI Expertise: We equip you with our expertise in Real Estate Investing to structure each deal to maximize your profit

  • Determine the Right Strategy for your Market
  • How to Maximize Profits When Wholesaling
  • Pursuing the Most Profitable Turn-key Opportunities 
  • Becoming a Pro at Flipping Homes
  • When and How to Begin New Construction 
  • Building a Portfolio of Profitable Rentals
  • Strategy Considerations for Your Market

Skills to Close Deals: We train you how to build relationships that convert leads into deals

  • Understanding what Motivates a Person to Sell Off Market
  • Using Motivational Leverage to Get Agreement on Deal Terms
  • Mastering Best Practices when Working with Home Owners
  • Evaluating Comparable Properties Like An Expert
  • Making the Offers that Lead to a YES
  • Walking Through Each Step of the Closing Process
  • What You MUST Do After Closing

Financial Resources

  • Leveraging Hard Money to Close Quickly and Scale Your Business
  • Weighing the Pros and Cons of Institutional Lending
  • Taking Advantage of Private Lending Opportunities 
  • Understanding Every Aspect of the Settlement Statement

Knowledge to Repair and Improve Properties 

  • Becoming an Expert and Property Rehab 
  • Inspecting a Property to Avoid Unwanted Surprises 
  • Evaluating the Physical Condition and Planning Improvements
  • The Inside Secret to Finding and Hiring the Best Contractor
  • Live Sample Inspections and Estimates

Monetize Your Investment Properties

  • Increasing Your Margin When Selling a Wholesale Property
  • Understanding the Secret to Selling a Flip for Top Dollar
  • When to Buy and Hold a Property for Future Profit
  • How to Monetize a Lost Deal by Referring Out