As a whole, the real estate investing industry is one with many facets and niche areas in which an investor can focus. From single family, to multifamily … office, retail and even land … there are many different places that an investor focus attention. Oftentimes however, the phrase “real estate investing” is associated with buying, flipping or holding single family homes. At Red Barn Homebuyers, our experience is in single family homes and this is the specific area that we’ve focused our franchise.

If you search this term on the internet, you’ll find countless websites, forums, blogs, videos and even info-courses on how to invest in real estate. The problem is there really isn’t a one-size fits all approach. Every person, strategy and market is uniquely positioned to approach investing in very different ways. The more searching and reading you do, the more you’ll discover that it’s hard to distill all of the information into something practical … something that could actually be implemented without serious trial and error.

In fact, Ken Corsini actually wrote a book recently called “Profit Like the Pros” where he interviewed 25 different investors on how they’ve been successful in real estate. The book is a great snapshot at the various ways that experienced investors can profit from real estate … but it also drives home the point that there are vastly different approaches to investing in real estate.

While there is ample information out there to digest regarding the real estate investing industry, there are very few opportunities that exist to open up a new business in the context of a franchise. Unfortunately, many of the teachers and coaches in this space do so through info-product channels or high-ticket coaching programs. While there can be good information contained in these programs, there typically isn’t the high degree of oversight, systemization and ongoing support that a franchise like Red Barn Homebuyers can provide.

While franchises are highly regulated (which is why most educators don’t utilize them), they hold franchisors highly accountable to ethical standards and accountability that translates to better service and higher success rates for franchisees. Ultimately, we decided to build Red Barn Homebuyers as a franchise model for this reason. We want to ensure every franchisee is given all of the tools, training and resources to be a successful real estate investor.

By all means, don’t take our word for it! Shop around. See what other opportunities exist inside and outside of the franchise world for real estate investing businesses. We are confident that you’ll quickly discover that the opportunity to work with Red Barn Homebuyers is by far the best opportunity out there. From our pricing, support, systems and ongoing coaching, our program is geared towards the entrepreneur who wants to achieve lightning fast success through real estate investing.

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