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Founders of RED BaRN, LLC: Ken Corsini and Anita Corsini

With an idea and hard work, Ken Corsini and Anita Corsini created and launched RED BaRN Homes, LLC in 2005. Since that time, the team has purchased more than a thousand homes, upgraded them, and sold those homes at a profit. Most of their activity is based in the Metro Atlanta Area, which remains their base of operations.

Ken brings a strong sense of business know-how to the table. He’s also well-versed in all things to do with home construction. The combination makes evaluating homes for potential purchase simpler, and aids in the rehabilitation of those homes.

Anita is a Real Estate guru, who knows all there is to know about the markets where the team operates. She’s also a whiz when it comes to home designs and layout. Along with providing the vision for what the transformed home will look like, she knows exactly how to market the property once it’s ready for sale.

Together, there’s no project they can’t manage. From simple cosmetic updates to gutting a place and reworking everything from the bottom up, they know what to do.

If Ken and Anita look familiar, that’s because they’ve been featured prominently in two popular HGTV shows. “Flip or Flop Atlanta” brought them recognition initially. More recently, the pair have been a huge part of “Flipping Showdown”. Together, they’ve created a real estate brokerage, a mortgage company, a new home construction business, and a few other businesses. Now, they also have the RED BaRN Homebuyers franchise to offer.

HGTV isn’t the only place where people have come in contact with Ken and Anita. They’ve been featured in other TV shows and a number of print publications. Some examples include the US Chamber of Commerce, The Today Show, The LA Times, TV Insider, People Magazine, Life and Style, The Wrap, Pop Sugar, and the Atlanta Constitution Journal. The team have also been spotlighted in local publications in and around Atlanta.

Both have undergraduate degrees from the University of Georgia. In addition, Anita earned a Master’s degree in Math Education at Georgia State. Ken earned his Masters in Building Construction at Georgia Tech.

The pair make their home in Woodstock, GA, which they share with three children. Between family activities and running the family businesses, this is one couple that’s always on the move.


Kevin Corsini


Carolyn Versele

Onboarding Manager and Franchisee Support

Jessica Stansel

Accounts/Office Manager

Dave Emrich

Franchisee Mentor

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Coaching Coordinator

Kendra D’Eon

General Manager

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Recruitment Manager

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Success Coach