About Us

Founders of RED BaRN, LLC: Ken Corsini and Anita Corsini


With an idea and hard work, Ken Corsini and Anita Corsini created and launched RED BaRN Homes, LLC in 2005. Since that time, the team has purchased more than a thousand homes, upgraded them, and sold those homes at a profit. Most of their activity is based in the Metro Atlanta Area, which remains their base of operations. 

Ken brings a strong sense of business know-how to the table. He's also well-versed in all things to do with home construction. The combination makes evaluating homes for potential purchase simpler, and aids in the rehabilitation of those homes. 

Anita is a Real Estate guru, who knows all there is to know about the markets where the team operates. She's also a whiz when it comes to home designs and layout. Along with providing the vision for what the transformed home will look like, she knows exactly how to market the property once it's ready for sale. 

Together, there's no project they can't manage. From simple cosmetic updates to gutting a place and reworking everything from the bottom up, they know what to do. 

If Ken and Anita look familiar, that's because they've been featured prominently in two popular HGTV shows. "Flip or Flop Atlanta" brought them recognition initially. More recently, the pair have been a huge part of "Flipping Showdown". Together, they've created a real estate brokerage, a mortgage company, a new home construction business, and a few other businesses. Now, they also have the RED BaRN Homebuyers franchise to offer. 

HGTV isn't the only place where people have come in contact with Ken and Anita. They've been featured in other TV shows and a number of print publications. Some examples include the US Chamber of Commerce, The Today Show, The LA Times, TV Insider, People Magazine, Life and Style, The Wrap, Pop Sugar, and the Atlanta Constitution Journal. The team have also been spotlighted in local publications in and around Atlanta. 

Both have undergraduate degrees from the University of Georgia. In addition, Anita earned a Master's degree in Math Education at Georgia State. Ken earned his Masters in Building Construction at Georgia Tech.

The pair make their home in Woodstock, GA, which they share with three children. Between family activities and running the family businesses, this is one couple that's always on the move. 



Kevin Corsini


In addition to being the Chief Executive Officer, Kevin D. Corsini is also a co-founder of RED BaRN Homebuyers. He brings a varied work history to the business. In times past, Keven has worked as a college president, a business executive, and as an ordained pastor. He also taught at university level for more than 10 years, and holds a PhD in the field of Mental Health. 

Kevin began the journey with investment properties over two decades ago, finding another exciting career to pursue. Today, he and his wife are the proud parents of five children ranging from a newborn to age 22. The family is a big fan of jeeping and camping, hobbies they pursue whenever possible. 


Kendra D’Eon

Franchise Coordinator

Running a successful franchise operation requires having someone to oversee the process. That's where Kendra comes into the picture. As a key part of the operations and projection management effort, she is always working with incoming franchisees via the training program. 

Kendra brings plenty of experience to the effort. She has worked closely with different startups for more than a decade, serving in a variety of roles. This has provided her with practical experience in areas like business development, project management, entry level and continuing training, client success management, and general business operations. Kendra understands the value of strong connections with franchisees, and considers this aspect to be one of her favorite things about working with RED BaRN. 


Dave Emrich

Owner-Operator Relations

Dave first came to RED BaRN in 2009, beginning his time as the General Manager. Over the years, he's overseen a number of company aspects. They include attention to company finances, construction tasks, flipping properties, and real estate functions. Thanks to his more than four decades of experience, he's a big part of what has made RED BaRN such a success.


Tracey Cooper

Coaching Coordinator

After earning his degree at Auburn University in Auburn, AL, Tracey chose to enter the IT staffing industry. His first employer was a national staffing firm, where he eventually became the manager of their Washington, DC office. 

After five years with the firm, Tracey and four others left to form Prestige Staffing. This firm expanded from the original five partners to more than a hundred employees. Over time, Prestige established offices in Austin, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Dallas, and St. Louis. All told, he invested 15 years in the firm. 

Seeking a change from the corporate treadmill, Tracey sold his interests in Prestige and made the leap into real estate. 2018 was a pivotal year, with Tracey entering a mentorship program with Ken. Since that time, he's acquired and sold more than 75 properties. His approaches vary, ranging from buying and holding, fixing and flipping, and wholesaling. 


Carolyn Versele

Accounting Coordinator

Carolyn joined RED BaRN in 2020, just as the business was about to film "Flipping Showdown." Owing to her expertise, she quickly became a valuable resource when it came to managing social media and vendor trade outs. She also handled a number of tasks associated with different RED BaRN design projects. 

Earning her real estate license in early 2022, Carolyn is now a key member of RB Realty. She and her husband have four children, and love to vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico when the opportunity arises. 


Michele Sims

Sales Coordinator

Born and raised in Georgia, Michele is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University. With more than 25 years of experience with sales and operations, she has the background and the passion to pursue real estate deals. That zeal resulted in Michele and her husband Chris acquiring their first long-term rental property a little over a decade ago. That deal was all it took to get them hooked. 

Michele and Chris are the proud parents of two daughters, and have three dogs as part of the family. The pair loves sports, and are big Auburn fans (something that the rest of us forgive them for!).


Dennis Hurley

Construction Consultant

Dennis arrived at RED BaRN with more than two decades of experience in the construction industry. That has made him an important part of the business over the last five years. Thanks to the diversity of his skill set, he can handle everything from property inspections to project management. If it has to do with renovation or rehabilitating a home, Dennis knows what it will take. 

Dennis and his wife Michelle make their home in Woodstock, and have three children. Along with Dennis' involvement with RED BaRN, Michelle is also a loan officer and agent with the business. 


Jessica Stansel

Office Manager

With RED BaRN since 2010, Jessica was born in Canton, GA. Her support as the company flipped hundreds of homes has proven invaluable. When she's not busy troubleshooting and keeping the office running smoothly, Jessica is looking for ways to make the already-efficient office even better. 

Jessica likes to get away for beach vacations, often somewhere along the Florida Panhandle. Closer to home, she loves taking her two daughters to softball games and any tournaments that may come up during and at the end of the season.