Investment Info

membership red barn homebuyersWhen you join Red Barn Homebuyers, you're assigned a membership level starting with ALPHA.

You ascend in membership level as you grow your business. As you ascend in membership level, royalties decrease, and new benefits are unlocked.

You can ascend in membership level by the number of acquisition closing or by the cumulative volume of acquisition  losings: if you’re closing on high value properties, you can level up even faster.

You can also purchase a franchise package directly in to a higher Membership Level, unlocking benefits immediately and enjoying a lower royalty payment.

Some of your estimated initial investment and fees

Initial Franchise Fee $25,000 to $75,000
Initial Investment $49,705 to $297,800
Property Acquisition Reserve $5,000 to $165,000
Wholesaling Royalty Fee Greater of “minimum fee” or 5% to 10% of Wholesale Profit
Technology Fee $200/month
Insurance $200 to $600
Term of Agreement 5 years
Is Franchise Term Renewable? Yes
Exclusive Territory Yes
Training and Support Initial & Periodical
Number of People Required to Run 3-5 employees


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